Wenchuan Earthquake Relief


   At 14:28 on May 12, 2008, since the strong earthquake in Wenchuan County, Sichuan, millions of people have suffered physical and mental injuries to varying degrees. At this critical moment, large rivers from north to south extended their  helping hands, and China has set off a wave of donations, donations and blood donations to the people in the disaster   areas.


    South Holdings has always insisted on the value concept of "rooting society and giving back to society". On May 14, 2008, Nanfang Group held a meeting. The general manager of the group, Mr. Liu Hualei, said: "At this critical moment, our southern employees should also do their utmost to offer their own love to the people in the disaster area. For this, the company special Initiated and organized an emergency disaster relief donation activity of "passing love in disaster areas."

    At the donation ceremony, the leaders took the lead in making donations, and the employees also queued up to send the money full of affection and concern into the donation box. The people present prayed together for the people in Sichuan and the disaster-stricken areas, hoping that they could get out of danger and rebuild their homes as soon as possible. According to statistics, more than 18,000RMB was raised in that day! And in the same day, the charity was sent to the Shenzhen Red Cross. The Red Cross said: "It will be delivered to the disaster area as soon as possible, and it will be transformed into real help to the people in the disaster area as soon as possible."

    General Manager Liu Hualei said that "one side is in trouble and eight parties support" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. This earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan, has caused tremendous hardship to thousands of compatriots and also affected the hearts of the people across the country. He hopes that these loving donations will bring courage and hope for the people in the disaster area to rebuild their homes in the rubble! At the same time, Liu Hualei also said that South Holdings will continue to pay close attention to the latest developments in the disaster area and contribute to helping the people in the disaster area get out of the dilemma as soon as possible.

    Anti-earthquake disaster relief, united aspirations! Let our love light a small candlelight for the people in the disaster area.