Sponsor education for mountain area students


   South Holdings responding to the Ministry of Education's "Poverty Alleviation and Wisdom First" call, and founded the Mountain Education in Sichuan Province.

   On May 30, 2016, under the leadership of the local government and the Education Bureau, South Holdings's 300,000 RMB subsidy for mountain education was settled in Sichuan, to help Sichuan alleviate poverty. The principals of Ganzi Derongma Township Central Elementary School all expressed that they will use all these donations to improve school conditions and subsidize poor students, effectively combine funding and education, pay attention to the thinking, learning and life of poor students, and enhance their determination The confidence of talents enhances the sense of mission and responsibility, cultivates their self-improvement, fearless difficulties, and courage to strive forward, with outstanding achievements and excellent skills to give back to others, dedicate society, and serve the motherland.

    Mr. Liu Hualei, General Manager of South Holdings, said: "This is the first time South Holdings has launched a charity sponsorship activity in Sichuan. As a socially conscious enterprise, South Holdings will continue the charity activity under the guidance of the Development Zone Management Committee in the future Continue to develop and continue to innovate forms to improve the learning environment of children in remote areas, help children learn knowledge, broaden their horizons, and do their best to help them achieve their dreams."