South Holdings was invited to participate in Intel Connect 2019:go hand in hand, the future has come


    From May 14th to 16th, 2019, the Intel Partner Connect 2019 partner summit was grandly held at the Sydney International Convention Center in Australia. As one of Intel's core partners,South Holdings Group was invited to join this meeting with worldwide nearly a thousand of technology experts and industry elites , discussing the latest technological achievement and experiencing the top intelligent product and innovative science and technology.

   In this conference, Intel company shared its idea in software, security , interconnection, memory & storage, architecture and other aspects ; talked freely with.The group meeting closely followed industry hotspots and discussed and shared AI, edge computing, Internet of Things, and innovative retail markets in detail.As an giant of this industry, Intel has guided the industiy for longtime growing with it5 Teading technology and continuodsty innovative product. By advocating people-oriented , Intel is willing to cooperate with its partners with its own advantage to seize unlimited opportunities and support partners for transformation and development.

   Future is here.full of changllenge as well as chances. South Holdings Group will work together with Intel to deepen Chinese and abroad market , starting from the "Core"to create bright future and yield commerical values constantly increasing by continuously exerting its advantage, insisting on the direction of close cooperation with Intel, and adsorbing more and more quality partners.

  Realize growing business value! Southern will also use its actions together with Intel to bring customers the ultimate product experience and "abnormal" services.