SOUTHHOLDINGS--Survey by the mayor


   Luo Maochang, deputy secretary of the Jianghai District Committee and head of the CPC Jianghai district,Jiangmen City, came together with his team to visit a large-scale enterprise located in Fuhai Street, Baoan, Shenzhen. South Holdings conducted a survey and interviewed to listen to the difficulties and needs of the enterprise's development and transformation, soliciting enterprises to improve business Environmental opinions and suggestions.

   SOUTH HOLDINGS has developed rapidly in recent years. In April of this year, with a capital increase of 20 million US dollars, it once again shined and became a leader in IT digital companies. During the survey, Lao Maochang carefully inquired about the market distribution, manufacturing model, new product planning and difficulties faced by the company. The district chief fully affirmed the development of South Holdings. He pointed out that companies may face a series of unpredictable problems, and must be confident and deal with them cautiously. He said that the government attaches great importance to the development of high-tech enterprises, will try to solve the urgent needs of enterprises, and create a good business environment. At the same time, he hopes that South Holdings can take advantage of the regional advantages of IT computers to continue to innovate and promote enterprises in the field of IT computers. Make greater progress.


  During the visiting of Nanfang Group,  district Mayor learned that Nanfang Group's order sales in the first 10 months of this year reached 695 million yuan, an increase of 17.6% year-on-year. He expressed appreciation and said: "The government will definitely help the high-level industry in line with Jianghai District. Quality companies grow stronger and bigger!"

    Lao Maochang visited the SMT placement workshop and the notebook computer assembly workshop of South Holdings. The workshop has the ability to provide all the motherboards for the complete notebook computer, as well as complete assembly capabilities, with world-class comprehensive performance. General Manager Liu Hualei introduced the development history, current market positioning and future planning of South Holdings.