Coagulate heart gathers strength to forge ahead


In order to enhance the sense of team cohesion and cooperation, and cultivate the psychological quality of employees with courage, initiative and perseverance, South Holdings launched an outdoor group building activity with the theme of "Forging ahead with unity and strength" on 5th, September. This activity is mainly divided into three parts: Dapeng ancient city visit Ming and Qing Dynasty Generals house, team picnic and Jinsha Bay beach fun tour.

In the morning of the activity, we all set off with bright smiles and full of expectation. After two hours' drive, we arrived at the activity base -- Dapeng Ancient City.Hazy light rain for the ancient city wearing a veil to show its different beauty;Lofty and majestic gates;Narrow winding alleys paved with green slate, quiet and simple;In the face of rare beautiful scenery we are while appreciating, sigh the wisdom of the ancients, at the same time search the historical memory of the ancient city;


Then we started the "food cooking, enjoy the delicious food" , Each Kitchen gods shows their skill, the other kitchen people closely and fully cooperate. After about 80 minutes of elaborate production , different delicacies presented in our table, their delicious food, warm atmosphere, we chatting at work and life of dribs and drabs, communication between burst the picnic site is elegant with meat smell, with all the laughter of happy mood gradually diffuse......


After eating and drinking, we're going to tanning on the beach.The subtropical climate of Jinsha bay makes the trees evergreen all the year round, and the mountains are covered with lush vegetation, which means that six of the eight scenes of Jinsha "green mountains".The green hills are as beautiful as the waves are surging. This is the natural oxygen bar of Shenzhen. It is a good place for Shenzhen citizens to get away from the complicated life and seek for a little peace and tranquility.Green here is the most wash eyes, purify the soul of the color, is the most primitive yearning of our heart.

It's only one short days activities, but the tension, the atmosphere of joy around in the heart of everyone, lets felt the sense of honor, responsibility, team had a deeper understanding, as a member of the company, only coagulation hearts meet force, surging ahead, to take on responsibilities, in the future we will work together to create the brilliancy together with the company.