"Zhongjing Dragon Boat Festival, Passionate South Holdings"


    "Zhongjing Dragon Boat Festival, Passionate South Holdings". It is also the Dragon Boat Festival of the year. In this special festival, South Holdings is grateful for the hard work and contribution of all family members in the past year, and at the same time brings blessings and surprises to the family who has been silently supporting us. Enjoy the traditional customs and culture of the Dragon Boat Festival, and set up a thank-you banquet in Xiangli Dachu restaurant, in order to thank the family for their contributions and hold a variety of Dragon Boat Festival celebrations.

   The time span of the folk customs of the Dragon Boat Festival is relatively long, and the connotation is very strong. As one of the seven traditional Chinese festivals, the Dragon Boat Festival has always been deeply valued by the people. The southern Savosians are well versed in the value of folk customs, so they specially held a colorful Dragon Boat Festival celebration in Xiangli Dachu restaurants. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the visiting family will receive the mugwort prepared by the company to exorcise evil spirits and express good expectations; at the same time, you can also enjoy a variety of fresh and delicious dumplings; the human resources center has also specially set up a blessing prayer board Every guest can write a blessing on a small piece of paper and post it on the blessing version to pray for good luck. Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with the company with sincerity, taste the customs, and recall the pioneers.

General Manager: Mr. Liu Hualei gave a Dragon Boat Festival speech