The COVID-19 is merciless, South Holdings is humaneness


     Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the end of 2019, South Holdingshas carefully implemented the spirit of the important instruction of President Xi Jin Ping on epidemic prevention and control. As an IT digital benchmarking enterprise in Guangdong Province, South Group pays high attention to and quickly responds to epidemic prevention and control Request, take the initiative to assume social responsibility. Focus on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and enterprise development on the other. Make both hands hard and win both hands. Facing the epidemic situation, all the staff of the South Group worked together to firmly fight against the epidemic with the "two in place" guidelines.

1. Organizational leadership in place

     The company established a general team with general manager Liu Hualei as the team leader, manufacturing director and personnel administration manager as the deputy team leader, and the head of each department as a member of the company's new coronavirus infection pneumonia joint prevention and control work leading group to clarify the work responsibilities. At the same time, a special network video deployment meeting was held to strictly implement early investigation, early prevention, early detection, early reporting, early isolation, early treatment and centralized treatment measures, and establish a joint joint prevention and joint control mechanism for the affiliated branch.

Second, material security is in place

     The epidemic was merciless, and the donation warmed the hearts of the people. The material procurement department of the Southern Group responded quickly. According to the company's instructions and requirements, it raised funds in various ways to increase the procurement efforts while protecting the front-line personnel from preventing and controlling materials. South Group has donated 10,000 protective masks, disinfection water, and protective equipment to the first-line epidemic prevention volunteers in Guangdong Province. All employees of Southern Group have donated 218 thousand yuan in prevention and control materials to support the province's fight against the new coronavirus epidemic.

All departments and companies have strengthened coordination and cooperation, strengthened publicity, strictly implemented the shift watch system, and ensured that in the event of an outbreak, they can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner. At the same time, enterprises have strengthened their own supervision of the implementation of epidemic prevention and control. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the relevant prevention and control measures are not strictly implemented according to the regulations, perfunctory and conscientious responsibilities, inadequate performance of duties, non-compliance and inaction will be severely accountable.

     South Group always puts charity and epidemic prevention and control in the first place, taking multiple measures and scientifically scheduling, strengthening material security, and adhering to the original intention of serving the society. In this war without smoke, we have a firmer determination and confidence to win, and work together with the people of the province to fight the epidemic and win new victories.

At the same time, Mr. Liu Hualei, the founder and general manager of SOUTH HOLDINGS, made a commitment during the new crown epidemic in 2020: during the epidemic, all SOUTH HOLDINGS family members will be paid to prevent epidemic at home, and will give the greatest help and care to colleagues who have the epidemic. Send logistics administrators to contact and care for the period, until the epidemic is over, everyone can safely return to the factory to work, so that everyone can learn to prevent and control the epidemic as soon as possible, and create greater glories!