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  South Holdings Phoenix Mountain Corporate Culture Outdoor Activities

    The same group of people can be mediocre and indifferent, or they can be strong when they are strong; the same team can be busy and ineffective, and they can also accomplish great things. In order to improve teamwork ability, on June  12, 2020, all the employees of South Holdings went to Fuyong Phoenix Mountain to participate in the corporate culture outdoor group building activity organized by the company. The corporate culture outdoor trip is a set of continuous value-added training processes that shape team vitality and promote organizational growth. It is a set of outdoor experiential simulation training designed specifically to meet the needs of modern team building.

    The event revolved around the two themes of "team smelting" and "challenge to self", aiming to train employees' strong will and enhance the team cohesion and overall centripetal force of employees. Through the development of the activity, new employees can quickly integrate into the team, find a sense of collective belonging, strengthen the communication between employees, enrich the training content, and also received good results.

    "You have much more than you think." Manager Zhu, who is in charge of this corporate culture outdoor activities, quoted this famous quote to open the curtain of outdoor activities. Manager Zhu Zhengtian first introduced the origin of this corporate culture outdoor trip, and then through a series of cheerful activities to create a team atmosphere and establish a foundation of mutual trust. Immediately under the guidance of the master planner, all the staff were divided into four groups to compete in group tug-of-war, ice-breaking games, group barbecues, and encouraging activities. Among them, inspiring people are strongly aware that team success is the basis of personal success; personal success must be based on the joint efforts and common support of other team members; each member in the game must be bold, dare to challenge, and encourage each other , To overcome fear, gather passion and speed is the moral character to exercise will and cultivate the ability of unity and cooperation.

    The strengths of the four groups are similar, and each has its own strengths,  we are not superior to each other, but in the process, what did you gain, what do you feel, think about how the previous working methods and behavior patterns have brought to your work Obstacles, and the distortions that the upload and delivery have brought to the execution.

   Through this corporate culture outdoor activity, each group saw the advantages and disadvantages , and also felt the importance of cooperation and communication, which laid a good foundation for future work. Colleagues learn through practical exercises, change through experiential learning, benefit greatly, and have more insights into life. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration, and courage, everyone deeply felt the essence of "responsibility, collaboration, self-confidence", and the responsibilities as a member of the team. At this time, under intense work and pressure, get close to nature, feel the green mountains and rivers, free the soul, improve work efficiency, mobilize work enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and provide a solid foundation for the company's humanistic construction and sustainable development.